Keyboard Cat owner is a douchebag

Tuesday June 9, 2009

Recently, “Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat” by Brad O’Farrell, the video that made the Keyboard Cat famous, was REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE We, here at The Real Truth, have incontrovertible evidence that Charlie Schmidt, owner of the Keyboard Cat (and complete fucking asshole) is the man responsible.


Backstory: Charlie Schmidt (asshole) uploaded footage of his cat, Fatso, “playing” a piano, on youtube. Brad O’Farrell took his footage, edited it, and combined it with another video of a man falling down an escalator. Brad’s video was very successful, spawning thousands of copycat videos and generating hundreds of thousands of hits on youtube. Brad even had a site for Keyboard Cat where he has a prominent link to Charlie’s site and the original video of Fatso. Recently, Brad’s video was removed from YouTube due to terms of use violation

Here’s what happened. Charlie (fuck face) was pissed that he filmed the original footage, but he wasn’t the one getting all the attention. So he has YouTube remove Brad’s video so his video will be #1 when someone searches keyboard cat on youtube He doesn’t even need a legitimate case. It’s easy to get something removed from YouTube and essentially impossible to get it reversed.

This is total bullshit!

Just watch Charlie’s original video all the way through to get a sense of his personality. It starts good, but in the second half of the video, you just feel bad for Fatso and it kind of ruins everything.



UPDATE Nov 2011: Charlie Schmidt has taken over Brad’s site. It keeps getting worse.

Racist or dumbass?

Monday March 16, 2009

The Real Truth has a YouTube channel One of our videos features Mayor Joseph Smitherman of Selma, Alabama fucking up very badly. Today someone added this comment:

I’m his granddaughter. After reading through the comments I felt obligated to lend explanation on what was said by my grandfather, who had to live with this to his grave. The reason he said Coon instead of King was b/c he had been in a meeting with a Councilman, Martin Coon, minutes before the news conference took place. He made an honest mistake by calling MLK Martin Luther Coon. At age 34, I think he did pretty well considering what he was up against. This was his 1st of 36 yrs in office.

There are more fires in Jersey City than anywhere else in the world

Friday December 5, 2008

Lost Cities finally sheds some light on this troubling phenomenon.

Man trapped in elevator succumbs to urge to shit

Tuesday April 29, 2008

Pterodactyl porn (NSFW)

Tuesday April 22, 2008

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